Geoffrey Doig-Marx

Educator, Choreographer, Director, Mentor, Artist, Illustrator, Writer, Mentor, CEO, Alchemist, Renaissance Man

Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Named one of  “Nine Dancemakers Making History” 
 …Cover Story Dance Spirit Magazine
 Geoffrey Doig-Marx (GDM)- currently a member of the faculty at Marymount Manhattan College (18 …

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The Elan Awards

From the Celtic tradition, the word “Elan” translates as “flight”.


Videos from Geoffrey Doig-Marx

A Marymount Students New York Journey A Marymount Students New York Journey

Student Cathy Moes from Luxembourg. Watch the video
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A Day in the Life A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life (Down the Rabbit Hole)

Read the true story everyone is talking about. Runaway shelters, group homes, living on the streets and working at crazy nightclubs. Over 6,000 weekly readers can’t be …

The Producers The Producers

In the A Chorus Line-ish “I Wanna Be a Producer,” flashily choreographed by Geoffrey Doig-Marx to include a dozen gold-lame draped chorus girls tapping, including one obviously in need of a shave, some estrogen, and …

The Music of Andrea Green The Music of Andrea Green

 The Music of Andrea Green premiered on January 30,2011. Works included “Homeroom”, “The Return of HalleysComet”, “Skimmer and Budge” and “On the Other Side of the Fence.” CD soon to be available!

The Drowsey Chaperone The Drowsey Chaperone

Nathan Hurowitz Director
Geoffrey Doig-Marx Choreographer

Cougar in the House Cougar in the House

Latin Recording Artist Stebani Cruz’s  new hit available on itunes. Look for her 2010 video debut of the single  “Cougar in the House.”
Director-Edgar Marrera

Choreographer-Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Assistant Choreographer-Tricia Arenson
Associate Choreographers-Caitlin Krause and Cameron Burke
Dancers-Jessica Isa burns, Stephanie …